Aviation Table

Composed of Reclaimed Claro Walnut, Sycamore Table’s sleek form and sustainable use of materials results in a design that is visually dynamic, kind to our planet, and practical and joyful for users. Its leg placement at the mid-point of each side provides strength and stability while allowing users to easily slide onto bench seating, making the top appear lighter by virtue of its cantilevered corners. The tabletop’s softened lines reference the wing leading edges of an airplane while propeller-like aluminum inlays serve to hold the walnut planks together tightly. The aluminum legs are fashioned after the wings of the classic P-51 Mustang.

The dimensions and materiality of this piece may be customized. 

  • Materials Custom

    As shown:
    Top: Reclaimed Claro Walnut

    Legs: Aluminum
  • Dimensions Custom

    As shown:
    138"L x 45" W x 30" H

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