Slice Sink

Slice Sink in Bathroom

This integrated vanity sink is tailor-made to order and offers a fully customizable range of materials and dimensions. Shown here in Titanium Travertine and solid walnut butcher block variations, the subtle slope of the basin allows running water to seamlessly disappear into the horizontal channel from a wall-mounted spout. Modified to accommodate a multitude of spaces and scales, this sink is an ideal addition to an intimate powder room or expansive primary vanity alike.

The dimensions and materiality of this piece may be customized. 


  • Materials Custom

    As shown:
    Solid Walnut Butcher Block, Titanium Travertine (filed and sealed)
  • Dimensions Custom

    Counter (as shown):
    72-84" w x 20-21" d x 4-6" h

    Sink (as shown):
    12-16" w x 20-34" l x 1-2" d
Slice Sink in Bathroom

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