Floating Marble Dining Table

A dining table designed with understated elegance in mind, the tabletop of this piece is constructed of Montblanc Extra marble and maintains an eased edge along the perimeter, which adds softness to an otherwise coarse material. A brass inlay melts into the stone top, complementing the sophistication of the finish. Stainless steel legs suggest subtle glamour with their mirror-like quality and reflect the surrounding environment.

The dimensions and materiality of this piece may be customized. 

  • Materials Custom

    As shown:
    Top: Montblanc Extra (bookmatched) with Diamond 8 Finish with Brass Inlay

    Base: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions Custom

    As shown:
    11'-9-1/2" L x 37"-47" W, at widest point x 30" H
    1-1/2" thick stone top with 1/4" radius at edge

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