Pavilion House Los Angeles

Deep in a secluded canyon above Los Angeles is a large property rich with native flora. The terrain rises from a seasonal stream at the canyon floor, steepening gradually until it becomes an inaccessible slope and disappears into a grove of oaks. On a sunny, nearly level pad in between, a glass and stone pavilion embraces the diverse topography sliding into the sloping landscape on one side and opening to a cantilever on the other. ⁠

Conceived as a series of interlocking pavilions, programed for entertaining, service, and private living, the home’s palette of glass, water, and stone harmonizes with the surrounding landscape. The primary spaces are glazed and open generously to the outdoors, while the more private spaces are discrete and opaque, clad in locally sourced stone. Spaces for dining and gathering visually embrace the entirety of the site, while more intimate spaces enjoy carefully curated vistas.